Broadcasters Want Aereo Gone and They Want It Gone Yesterday

Threatening revenues will not be tolerated.

The Aereo legal saga continues. Not content to wait for a decision regarding their ongoing lawsuit, the Hollywood Reporter reports that broadcasters want a preliminary injunction against Aereo and they want it now. That means they have to prove “a likelihood of success and the prospect of irreparable injury.” The tone of the legal proceedings, therefore, have taken on something of an apocalyptic cast.

Their argument goes that the company’s mere existence is enough to threat broadcasters’ business model. From the tone of statements earlier this week, they’re are about ready to go looking for Aereo’s plug if the judge doesn’t do something, anything, to take care of this.If Aereo gets away with their over-the-air workaround, cable and satellite distributors won’t be so willing to shell out for retransmission rights. And that means television may never be the same againRead More