Christopher Nolan Blows up Backwards Bridges in Mirrored Manhattan for New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Is that the Williamsburg Bridge that's falling down? (Warner Bros.)

Premiering with The Avengers this weekend is the latest trailer for the final installment of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. And while the movie shot on as many locations as it has villains (so…approximately three, if you count Pittsburgh and a dubious Marion Cotillard), we were just happy that the Bat Man would finally be coming home to roost in the original Gotham instead of Chicago. Especially since at the time of shooting, the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park were being bandied about as a possible location device. (Relevant!)

But with this extended preview, we finally see what destruction Batman’s enemies will bring down upon our fair city. They’re going to blow up our bridges and use mirror imaging to confuse us!

At the :50 second mark, we recognized the bridges being destroyed, but they looked somewhat…off. That’s because, as one of our city-wise staffers pointed out, we’re looking at the Williamsburg Bridge, followed by the Manhattan Bridge and then Brooklyn, being destroyed in a mirror image. At first we believed the image to be a composite of the Manhattan Bridge being blown up twice. But on multiple viewings, audience members with sharp eyes will be able to determine that they are actually looking South-bound, but with Manhattan on left (East) side, instead of the right (West).

It’s not even in 3D or Imax yet, and already this movie is giving us vertigo!