Chuck Schumer Gives a Shoutout to Deceased Beastie Boy

chuck schumer is pictured Chuck Schumer Gives a Shoutout to Deceased Beastie Boy

Chuck Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer responded to news of the death of Beastie Boys rapper Adam “MCA” Yauch by posting a rhyming eulogy on Twitter.

“Born and Bred in Brooklyn, U.S.A., they call him Adam Yauch, but he’s M.C.A. RIP Adam,” Mr. Schumer wrote.

Mr. Schumer followed up his Tweet rap obit with the hashtags #beastieboys and #nosleeptillbrooklyn, the title of one of the groups’ biggest hits.

It certainly seems like the senator has brushed up on his rap knowledge since he mixed up the names of hip hop icons LL Cool J and DJ Kool Herc during a speech in February. It’s also interesting to see Mr. Schumer mourning the member of a band that famously advocated on behalf of your right to party since the senator is generally known as a staunch opponent of your right to party.

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