CWA targets Mayor Hawkins in Orange

Using Tuesday’s mayoral election in Orange as a battleground, CWA workers have invested in a combination of grassroots door-knocking, direct mail and a new TV ad that calls out incumbent Mayor Eldridge Hawkins Jr.

Hawkins is running for his second four-year term.  

The CWA is angry with the mayor for publicly endorsing Gov. Chris Christie’s anti-worker “toolkit,” and for testifying in favor of the Christie-Sweeney bill eliminating the collective bargaining rights of 500,000 workers last June.

“Our goal is to send a message to hypocrites who attack the standard of living of middle-class workers while enriching themselves at the taxpayers’ expense,” said Hetty Rosenstein, state director of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), the largest union representing state employees in New Jersey. In addition to CWA Locals 1032, 1037, 1039, 1040, 1077 and 1081, other unions supporting the New Jersey for the People effort include SEIU Local 32BJ and 1199SEIU.

The TV ad began appearing last week on the cable systems covering Orange:  

CWA targets Mayor Hawkins in Orange