Damien Can’t Fail: Hirst Curates Joe Strummer’s Archives

The Clash’s “Combat Rock” album.

There’s a great article in the Independent about how Joe Strummer, the Clash frontman who died 10 years ago, learned how to love country life in his later years. Kind of buried in this insightful piece, which focuses a lot on Strummer’s widow, is this little bit of information: the artist Damien Hirst is curating Strummer’s archives of “lyrics, drawings, photographs and miscellania gathered from scrapbooks and from the mountains of plastic bags which Joe carried around on tours, before bringing them home to Somerset.”

Strummer’s widow, Lucinda, told the Independent: “There were notebooks in the bags where the paper was stuck together with rain and damp…There was endless kitchen roll and matches. Invariably there might have been a tuna sandwich in there as well…”

We assume Mr. Hirst has left out any tuna sandwiches from the archive, but hey, you never know.