Don’t Use These Words Online Unless You’re Cool With the Government Spying on You

Quit tweeting about pork, okay foodies?

 Dont Use These Words Online Unless Youre Cool With the Government Spying on You

Not all clouds are security threats. (

I exercised a lot on my trip to Mexico so I totally crashed when I got home.

Oops, now the government is spying on Betabeat–at least according to this list of words the Department of Homeland Security uses to monitor social media, which was reportedly obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center under the Freedom of Information Act.

The majority of the words make sense within a security context: if you’re tweeting about “dirty bombs,” you’re probably pretty sketchy. But some of the choices are just plain random and way too generalized to excuse the government’s oddly Orwellian defense strategy: “Pork,” “response,” “incident,” “cloud,” “wave,” “power” and “smart” all make the list, the full version of which you can read here.

Are you there, government? It’s us, Betabeat. We’re just trying to report on tech news, okay? No harm intended.