‘Elizabeth Warren Indian Names’ Hashtag Provides Endless Source of Amusement to Racists on Twitter

Elizabeth Warren: Under Twitter attack (Getty)

Elizabeth Warren:why won’t she just leave conservatives alone? Why does she insist on keeping her campaign running, despite the fact that she’s revealed herself to be either part Native American or an opportunistic liar? (Follow-up question: Which of those two traits do Republicans find more disgusting?)

In an effort to squash the Massachusetts Senate candidate’s campaign, racist conservatives have taken to their new best friend, Twitter, to express their outrage over something other than the fact that Rue from Hunger Games was so not black in the books. Today’s trending hashtag? #ElizabethWarrenIndianNames. Hey, she started it!

Some of our “favorites” from the social networking hate-bubble, below.
It’s funny, because these people claim to be outraged over Ms. Warren using her heritage as a political statement, because that’s disrespectful to actual Native Americans. So obviously the answer is to make up “Injun” names that apply to the “Lie-awatha.” Oh, down the rabbit hole…