Essex insiders watching Orange mayor’s race

Essex County insiders are closely watching the Orange Mayor’s race.

Mayor Eldridge Hawkins is running for re-election to a second term against challengers Janice Morrell, Councilman Edward Marable, Jr., and Dwayne D. Warren in Tuesday’s nonpartisan election.

Also in Essex County, in Irvington, veteran North Ward Councilman David Lyons faces challengers Eric Dixon, Thecy Faustin, Jameson Vincent and Richard Williams. In the East Ward, Paul J. Inman and Quadir A. Selby are vying for a vacant seat. In the West Ward, competing for a seat left vacant by the retirement of veteran Councilman John Sowell, a three-way race features John F. Brown, Charnette Orelien, and Linda Vann-Dupree.