Fox News Tries to Explain Hipsters to Dana Perino (Video)

The looming specter of hipsterdom on Fox News

Man, we really need to watch more early morning Fox News. We almost missed yesterday’s segment from The Five, where former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino had to stop host Eric Bolling (who was ranting about Mark Zuckerburg, consummate hipster) to ask what a hipster was. (Since hipsters can make money now, they are relevant on Fox.)

“Just for asking that, you are a hipster!” the very confused Mr. Bolling crowed, as if accusing Ms. Perino of having cooties.

(Clip starts at 10:48)

Wait, that’s not how this works… What Mr. Bolling was probably referring to the stereotype that hipsters, as a general rule, deny being hipsters. But Ms. Perino doesn’t know what a hipster is, which is a completely different animal all together. Who doesn’t know what a hipster is? Then again, maybe she’s just asking for clarification, which Mr. Bolling provides.

“It’s just a cool guy.”

Again, incorrect.