Gatsby Trailer Hits The Internet; Eyes of T. J. Eckleberg Look Good

The first trailer for The Great Gatsby is out–the adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy is to be out at Christmas, and is, incongruously, advertised using music by Jack White and a rap track from “Watch the Throne.” Everything one would like to see is there–the eyes of T. J. Eckleberg, Daisy and the shirts–as well as some stuff one hadn’t bothered to imagine (who knew 1920s New York looked so much like the neon-drenched futuristic city in A.I.?). Director Baz Luhrmann makes his return to the screen with his first movie since 2008’s Australia–and potentially his first beloved movie since 2001’s Moulin Rouge, whose kinetic weirdness Gatsby would seem to share.