Georgia Sagri’s Apartment Raided By NYPD

Ms. Sagri performing at the Whitney Biennial press preview. (Courtesy Rozalia Jovanovic)

According to Gawker, the NYPD visited the homes of at least three Occupy Wall Street activists last night in anticipation of the May Day protests planned for Tuesday. One of those people was artist Georgia Sagri, a participant in this year’s Whitney Biennial who has been an active member of the Occupy movement since it began.

It turns out Ms. Sagri was involved in a May Day press conference in Zuccotti Park when police showed up at her apartment.

“My roommate gave me a call and told me the NYPD was looking for me,” Ms. Sagri told Gawker. “Since that time, I didn’t go home. So I’m basically on the street. My May Day has already started which is fine, I don’t mind.”

Recall that back in October, Ms. Sagri was involved in occupying Artists Space in Soho for 28 hours with a group of activists. They eventually complied with requests by Artists Space’s board that they leave.

Georgia Sagri’s Apartment Raided By NYPD