Get Ready To See More Decks In Your Face: LinkedIn Acquires SlideShare for $119 M.

screen shot 2012 05 03 at 4 49 45 pm Get Ready To See More Decks In Your Face: LinkedIn Acquires SlideShare for $119 M.

On the heels of a stronger-than-expected performance in the first quarter, LinkedIn just announced that it purchased SlideShare, the company that lets users upload, share, and embed PDFs, Word documents, but primarily PowerPoint presentations. The deal, which will close next quarter, was split between about 45 percent cash and roughly 55 percent stock.

For SlideShare, which last raised a $3 million from Venrock and angel investors like Dave McClure and Mark Cuban back in 2008, it’s an impressive exit for SlideShare CEO Rashmi Sinha. But someone may have gotten a little too carried away with the synergy. LinkedIn offered a SlideShare presentation on their SlideShare acquisition, with an entire slide devoted to Mr. McClure as an example of using presentations to “strengthen your professional identity.” And the top presentation of the day of SlideShare? LinkedIn’s first quarter results, of course. 

In a press release CEO Jeff Weiner said:

“Presentations are one of the main ways in which professionals capture and share their experiences and knowledge, which in turn helps shape their professional identity. These presentations also enable professionals to discover new connections and gain the insights they need to become more productive and successful in their careers, aligning perfectly with LinkedIn’s mission and helping us deliver even more value for our members.”

While we think it would be awesome if startups starting sharing their pitch decks publicly, we’re already a little scared by the number of social media gurus and expert SEO consultants who will start flooding LinkedIn with decks that highlight their superior “knowledge” and “experience.”