Glenn Beck Republishes Mormon Techno-Thrillers, Scrubbed of Mormon References


This time last year, Glenn Beck made former Air Force pilot and Mormon congressional candidate Chris Stewart’s history book, The Miracle of Freedom, a bestseller by promoting it on his radio show. Now the Tea Party media mogul hopes to repeat history with Mr. Stewart’s series of thrillers, The Great and Terrible.

But first Mr. Beck rewrote them, removing references to Mormon scripture and gospel beliefs from the books, which the Wall Street Journal otherwise described as a blend of “Middle East politics, techno high jinks, and end-of-the-world derring-do.” The six-book series has been renamed Wrath and Righteousness and expanded into ten ebooks that will be released over twelve months by Mr. Beck’s imprint, Mercury Ink, and promoted across Mr. Beck’s media empire.

“We’re bringing them out quickly because I don’t want readers to lose the track of the story,” Mr. Beck, who is also a Mormon, told the Journal. “It’s either going to be wildly successful or horribly disappointing.”

The first one will be available tomorrow for $2.99.