Goldman’s Cohn Honored at High Line Benefit

Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs president and chief operating officer, was on his best behavior last night at the Friends of the High Line spring benefit, as the Lloyd Blankfein heir apparent (or not) was seated behind the lectern at center stage, and had his image projected onto the out-sized screens throughout the evening’s speeches.

Bloomberg’s Amanda Gordon has the details: 1,000 guests feasted on 14 courses and 6 desserts, including spiced fried chicken with watermelon skewers and shaved black kale with hen-of-the-woods at the $1,250-a-plate fete, and Cohn, who accepted an award on behalf of Goldman, managed to look interested as Sarah Jessica Parker and the Ford Foundation’s Darren Walker addressed attendees.

We hope that the banker, who told guests that Goldman employees had donated more than $6 million to the park, also managed to keep his feet off the table.

Also at the party: Jeff Koons pitched guests—who included activist investor Bill Ackman, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and IAC/InterActiveCorp chairman Barry Diller—on a plan to suspend a train car over the erstwhile tracks.

[Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images]


Goldman’s Cohn Honored at High Line Benefit