Governor Cuomo Wants You to Love Your Park

Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve (photo:

“We’re doing a very cool thing on Saturday,” Mr. Cuomo announced during an interview on The Capitol Pressroom earlier this morning. “It’s something I’m very excited about, we call it ‘I Love My Park Day.'” Lucky and/or altruistic New Yorkers, he explained, will be able to get out there and clean state parks with a little bit of manual labor and fun.

“We want all New Yorkers to be exposed to it, and understand it and be part of it,” Mr. Cuomo said of the state park system. “We’re asking them to come out this Saturday to volunteer in one of the state parks in their area to help get the park ready for the summer … and do some raking, and some painting, and bring out the family, bring out the kids, and help us clean up the park, but also come out and have some fun and meet your neighbors.”

As this day is for state-run parks, there are only two events in New York City. Here’s the event at the Clay Pit Parks Pond State Park Reserve in Staten Island, as described by New York State:

 “From 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM, come take part in a volunteer, general cleanup of a former trash heap in a nearby meadow along with invasive vine removal from trees. All ages are welcome! Please come prepared with garden gloves, water, snacks and a lunch. If you have tick repellant, it would be great to bring with you since there are deer and dog ticks that inhabit the preserve. Appropriate clothing is recommended (long pants, long sleeved shirts). Come be part of a special event and volunteer for a great cause to help our parks and preserves!”

While spending Saturday morning dodging deer and dog ticks is surely enough to tempt most New Yorkers, an added benefit is that Mr. Cuomo is also expected to turn up at one of the state’s parks. Another added benefit, Mr. Cuomo said, is that it will help out the state budget.

“As I said, it’s the first time the state has ever done this,” he explained. “I hope it becomes a tradition because it’s a way of forging community, it’s a way of helping the state — the state budget has been very difficult as you know all too well. … It’s also a way of helping clean up the parks without spending a lot of money, and I’m excited about it.”