Grimm: 9/11 Families Shouldn’t ‘Have to Go Through Any More of This Crap’

(Photo: YouTube)

Congressman Michael Grimm didn’t mince words earlier today when he discussed the ongoing trials of individuals accused of helping mastermind the infamous September 11th attacks.

“At this point, it’s a complete circus,” Mr. Grimm said, referring to the mocking antics some of the accused put on display for the victims’ families watching. “The world though is seeing that these are just animals, thugs, low-life criminals that are void of humanity, and that they don’t have any cause at all.”

Mr. Grimm also called for the judge to intervene to cut off the odd display, saying, “I just hope though that the judge does start to reign it in now and not allow these victims to have to go through any more of this crap, and that’s what it is.”

He also questioned the claim made by the alleged terrorists that they’ve been tortured and abused while detained in Quantanamo Bay.

“If you’ve just been tortured for as long as they say they’ve been tortured, they would be very demure, very meek, very mild-mannered,” Mr. Grimm, who’s a former FBI agent, explained. “You can see here what this is. These are just disgusting animals that have no regard for anything whatsoever, and the world is seeing that, unfortunately, at a great cost for these families and for America as a whole.”

Watch the the exchange below:

Grimm: 9/11 Families Shouldn’t ‘Have to Go Through Any More of This Crap’