Guess We’ll Have to Brush Up on Shorting Sovereign Debt After All

Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Syriza coalition

What with British bookmaker William Hill suspending betting on the dissolution of the eurozone, as last weekend’s election called existing austerity agreements into question:

“We have decided to take down these markets until the situation calms down a little,” spokesman Graham Sharpe said in an e-mail.

The odds as they last stood:

First country to leave the eurozone: Greece, 1 to 4; Italy, 5 to 1; Portugal, 10 to 1; Spain, 12 to 1; Germany 12 to 1; Ireland, 16 to 1; France, 20 to 1.

Will the euro still be in existence on December 31, 2015? Yes, 4 to 6; No, 11 to 10.