Hikind Clarifies, Says Bill Thompson Is No Lock For Orthodox Vote

Earlier this week, Sally Goldenberg of The New York Post had an interesting article describing how former Democratic mayoral nominee Bill Thompson is making inroads in the politically powerful Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.

The inroads were noteworthy because, as Ms. Goldenberg notes, much of that vote is expected to go to Scott Stringer, who is the only Jewish candidate in the field, and because Bill de Blasio is a Brooklyn native with strong ties to Jewish areas in the borough.

The article quotes Democratic powerbroker and Assemblyman Dov Hikind saying “Thompson’s definitely a favorite in the Jewish community, no question about it.”

Today however Mr. Hikind, who endorsed Mr. Thompson in 2009, pushed back, explaining in a blog post that he was misquoted and that the Jewish vote is, in his estimation, still very much up for grabs:

Bill is an old friend and I have nothing but good things to say about him. But I also have nothing but good things to say about Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio, NYC Comptroller John Liu, and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer (listed alphabetically—not by position held, height, age or any other factor). In fact, I did say good things about all three of these friends to Sally in that same conversation. Those things just didn’t make it to The NY Post article.

The fact is I have not endorsed anyone for NYC Mayor. I’m far from discussing an election that will not take place until next year.

I was quoted as saying Bill Thompson is a favorite in the Jewish community. That’s true. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the favorite.

Mr. Hikind pointedly does not mention Council Speaker Christine Quinn, widely considered to be a front-runner but someone whose status as an out-Lesbian likely makes her the unlikely choice of conservative-leaning Jewish voters.

Mr. Hikind goes on the detail his relationship with the other candidates:

  • Just last month I joined Bill de Blasio at his press conference demanding that Nissan—the winner of a $1 billion contract to manufacture NYC’s “Taxi of Tomorrow”—stop conducting business in Iran.


  • John Liu and I have stood together on many issues impacting the Jewish community and we continue to do so.


  • Just two weeks ago, Scott Stringer supported my efforts (successfully) to have the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art give full disclosure to Gertrude Stein’s past in presenting her art collection “The Steins Collect.”

Hikind Clarifies, Says Bill Thompson Is No Lock For Orthodox Vote