Hikind: Obama’s Marriage Announcement ‘Gives Politics Such A Bad Name’

(Photo: Getty)

Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who’s a socially ideologically conservative power broker in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, has one main thing to say about President Barack Obama suddenly coming out in favor of gay marriage: Yawn.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that he supports gay marriage, this whole thing, this whole notion that it was ‘evolving’ and finally the baby was born today,” Mr. Hikind told The Politicker this evening. “It’s kind of stuff that gives politics such a bad name. I think everyone knows … he supported gay marriage, everything seems so calculated.”

Mr. Hikind stressed the consequences of this unsurprising development would be most noticed outside of the Orthodox Jewish community.

“If you look at the vote in the Democratic Assembly, you had a number of blacks and Latinos who voted against it,” he said of the gay marriage vote that took place in the New York State Legislature last year. “This is an issue to a lot of die hard Democrats.”

Mr. Hikind said if Mr. Obama’s reelection is close enough, it could definitely have an electoral impact.

“It could really affect him,” Mr. Hikind said, citing incredibly close Nixon-Kennedy race in 1960 as an example of where a few thousand votes could determine the outcome, as well as the ongoing State Senate special election happening right in his district in Brooklyn. “Something like this is very emotional, it definitely doesn’t help the president.”

“Who is not going to vote for him in terms of the more liberal constituency? They all knew deep down that he was one of their guys.”