Hipster Cop Rick Lee Loses His Cool With Musicians During May Day Jam Session (Video)

Hipster Cop loses hipster vote (YouTube)

Occupy Wall Street 2.0 has saw some familiar faces in the mix during yesterday’s May Day protest, including “hipster cop” Detective Rick Lee. Yet the man who only months ago posed for “cool” magazine G.Q. and stood as a beacon of individualism in Ray Kelly’s otherwise not-so-beloved police force is now a Grumpy Old Man, reported Gothamist this afternoon. Apparently the springtime version of Hipster Cop hates music!

This video was given to the NYC site by Shane Patrick, an organizer/stage manager for yesterday’s protest band performance on Broadway and Stone street told Gothamist:

“‘Hipster Cop’ may dress like a reject from a Vampire Weekend cover band but anyone who watches this video can see he’s more Andrew Dice Clay than Julian Casablancas. This particular instance of police harassment exemplifies the kind of treatment that New Yorkers have been facing from the police since Occupy Wall Street began… The people he’s yelling at and pointing at off camera are members of JD Samson & MEN. He can be seen ordering the guitarist to play for him on command.”

That description did not really do this video justice…for a second we were under the impression that police were  now demanding that musicians play their instruments on command, not checking sound levels. Which would be hilarious. “More cowbell…or you’re all under arrest!”