Homeless People’s Belongings as Sculpture at Frieze, Courtesy Christoph Büchel

Yesterday, in the Frieze New York sculpture garden, a shopping cart was parked behind a giant statue of a mustachioed Mona Lisa by Sudobh Gupta. The cart looked a little out of place in the well manicured landscape, especially because  it was filled with plastic and paper bags, some filled with blankets. There was a broom handle and an umbrella in there too, and a plastic bottle of grape juice sat on Mr. Gupta’s pedestal.

The rumor going around the fair was that the cart was placed there by the Swiss artist Christoph Büchel, who was announced as a participant in the sculpture garden by its curator, Tom Eccles, but whose name was conspicuously absent from the map of the place. The story went that Mr. Büchel had purchased a number of shopping carts from homeless people in New York City and installed them on the sculpture grounds. Read More