Hooray for Hip Helmets: Seven Sleek Options If the City Council Makes Bike Helmets Mandatory

In leu of the fact that all bicyclists, regardless of age, might have to start strapping on helmets, the Observer thought we’d get a head start (pun intended) on searching for the most stylish helmets available. As for what to do about the “helmet hair” that we’re sure to get after wearing one, we’re still working on that.

For the WWI history buff: Limar’s X-Urban Matt Green helmet

For the Englophile: Art’s Cyclery’s Union Jack Nutcase Helmet

For the patriot: Art Cyclery’s Stars and Stripes Nutcase Helmet

For the hipster: Lazer Cityzen’s Red Checker Helmet

For those channeling Weekend at Bernie’s: Yakkay’s Tokyo Blue Technic Helmet

For the fashionista: Sawako Furuno’s Limited Edition Leopard Helmet

For the athlete: Bern’s Carbon Helmet

Already have a helmet? The blog, CRAFT, has some quirky, DIY tips (think plastic flowers and creepy doll parts) for sprucing up your dome, or why not buy one of Wiggstyle’s colored Mohawks or spikey wigs to, as the website says, “Pimp your helmet?”