Inside the Wythe Hotel, the Acme of Williamsburg [Pics]

  • In this week’s Observer, we check into Williamsburg’s new Wythe Hotel, the Platonic ideal of modern Brooklyn. Grab a key and a gin fizz, maybe a plate of fire-grilled trout, and see for yourself.

  • The Wythe will leave the lights on for you.

  • With views like these, who can blame them.

  • The Wythe Hotel, all Williamsburg has to offer. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • The building meshes the old and the new, as much of it local and artisanal as possible. (Matt Chaban)

  • The original 80 Wythe, empty and unloved, except by street artists, for years. (Curbed)

  • The design team carved off the back of the building to create the new addition. (Curbed)

  • Step inside through the coolest door in Brooklyn—with its curved glass and rusted frame, a thing of precise beauty. (Matt Chaban)

  • Peter Lawrence, one of the three partners, works the front desk. (Matt Chaban)

  • The bar at Reynards, where Andrew Tarlow runs the show. (Matt Chaban)

  • Already lines are forming to get up to Ides, the bar atop the sixth floor. (Matt Chaban)

  • Taking in the views while waiting for a drink. (Matt Chaban)

  • Naturally the views are even better outside... (Matt Chaban)

  • ...both of Brooklyn... (Matt Chaban)

  • ...and, of course, Manhattan. (Matt Chaban)

  • Even the nearby condos don't have it this good. (Matt Chaban)

  • Inside a Brooklyn Queen, affordable rooms and historic touches. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • The Manhattan Kings enjoy the modern views. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • Where else is there a balcony with exposed brick? (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • One of the $175-a-night bunk bed rooms, with views of one of the many art installations. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • The installation, drawing on Brooklyn's history, was created by Steve Powers. (Matt Chaban)

  • Original details are tucked in throughout the building, meshing with new fixtures and wallpaper created by local outfits. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • Even the toiletries are artisanal. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • Inside one of the simple bathrooms. (Courtesy the Wythe)

  • Dave Hollier, who did most of the woodwork from his studio down the block on Kent Avenue. (@wythehotel/Instagram)

  • Installing one of the locally made light fixtures. (@wythehotel/Instagram)

  • Time to eat. (@wythehotel/Instagram)

  • They'll leave the lights on for you. (Courtesy the Wythe)


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