IPO Day Facebook Statuses From Early Facebook Employees

Congratulations to all the newly minted billionaires out there! (For up-to-the-minute coverage, see our liveblog.) So how are early Facebook employees celebrating, since it’s apparently déclassé to run out and buy a shiny new Lambo? To check up on the Facebook Mafia, we went right to the source and investigated. We found radio silence from a few prominent names (Sean Parker and Dave Morin*, please call your offices). We also discovered that more than a few of these folks seem to have either instituted strict privacy settings, bailed on the network entirely or, most scandalous of all, still haven’t switched to Timeline. But we found plenty of status updates to amuse and enlighten. 

*UPDATE: Turns out we missed a relevant post from Mr. Morin on our first pass. We’ve updated the slideshow accordingly. Let us know if we’ve missed anyone else–tips@betabeat.com.

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