It’s Never a Good Time to Die But ‘at 82’ Is a Popular One In Publishing

82 Its Never a Good Time to Die But at 82 Is a Popular One In Publishing

From Publishers Weekly

We were over at Publishers Weekly, reading all about O: The Oprah Magazine books editor Sara Nelson‘s move to Amazon (where she will—adding insult to the Amazon-inflicted injury of book review sections everywhere—bring original content to the retail behemoth’s virtual book aisle), when we noticed a sidebar that suggests “has died at 82” is the literary world’s answer to the 27 Club. [Publishers Weekly]

National Review writer Jonah Goldberg has no idea how that lie about him being nominated for Pulitzer Prizes snuck into his author’s bio. []

Last month Mayor Bloomberg made up a new literary prize to thank the publishing industry for employing so many New Yorkers. This week it’s media and entertainment business that received the mayoral smooch, at a press conference with SNL’s Seth Myers. [Post] Things are so good, in fact, that Mr. Myers’s network, NBCUniversal, is putting $190 million into upgrading Rockefeller Center. [Variety]

After a mass exodus to Jason Binn‘s Du Jour, is hiring under new executive editor Amina Akhtar. [WWD]

Gawker writer Rich Juzwiak broke up with his boyfriend and, in effect, his boyfriend’s cat, Winston, whom Mr. Juzwiak and Gawker made Internet-famous. The commenters wept. [Gawker]

Rush Limbaugh‘s slut commentary and consequent advertiser boycott cost Cumulus “millions.” [Huffington Post]

An Iran news site illustrated missile story with Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks. [Atlantic Wire]

How sweet: David Cameron texted Rebekah Brooks to keep her head up after she quit News International amid allegations of bribery. [Guardian]

Kevin Roose is leaving The New York Times DealBook for New York magazine, where he will be a “bi-coastal” online business reporter. [Capital NY]

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