It’s Your Fault Your Co-op Board Hates You

Is running for the co-op board a big error? (Rochelle, just rochelle, flickr)

Is your annoying co-op or condo board always on your case, nagging you about this, that or the other thing? Didn’t you leave this kind of misery behind when you moved out of your parents’ house?

Well, it’s probably all your fault, according to Brick Underground, which talks to a long-time Upper East Side co-op board member who helpfully explains why your board hates you.

First of all, maybe the co-op board would like you better if you liked them. Everybody blames the board for everything, and no one says thank you to the volunteers who have stepped into the line of fire for the good of the building, according to this anonymous board member.

“Be prepared to get yelled at, threatened with litigation, have your cell phone ring at odd hours, and be generally underappreciated for zero compensation,” the board member told Brick Underground.

Also? Stop pretending that you don’t live in the same building as other people, because you do, and you can’t do whatever you want. This includes things that are perfectly legal, like smoking 18 hours a day.

The board also wishes that you would stop bitching about how annoying your neighbors are at annual meetings.

Basically, if you don’t like living in the same building with other people, other people telling you what to do, or other people in general, you’d be well advised to shop for a townhouse if you can afford it.

It’s Your Fault Your Co-op Board Hates You