Jim Nelson Led Jury That Found Rapper G. Dep Guilty

Jim Nelson, head juror

GQ editor Jim Nelson was the foreman on the jury that found Trevell Coleman—a.k.a. Bad Boy rapper G Dep—guilty of fatally shooting John Henkel last month.

“I did not want to do jury duty,” Mr. Nelson wrote in his June letter from the editor. “I said a prayer to baby Jesus the night before, asking him to use his baby Jesus powers and to please Lord not let them pick me like they always do.”

Not to impugn Mr. Nelson’s judgment (the man picked our favorite magazine cover featuring iced coffee, after all), but it sounds like a cut-and-dried case. Mr. Coleman confessed to the almost 20-year-old cold case out of nowhere in 2010. He was 18 years old when a botched robbery led Mr. Coleman to shoot Mr. Henkel three times in East Harlem and flee on his bike. Seventeen years later, he walked into a Harlem precinct and waived his Miranda Rights, saying he wanted to tell the story and he needed to know whether the victim lived or died.

“I sometimes wondered if I was fit to judge this man who was capable of acts of public violence and personal honor I couldn’t even imagine having to wrestle with,” Mr. Nelson wrote. “And I’d think: Hasn’t this man suffered enough? He’s done twenty years in his head already. That’s a slower, more infernal form of justice, the interior kind, isn’t it?”

Mr. Coleman, who will be sentenced on Tuesday, faces at least 15 years. He told MTV he has “no ill thoughts towards anybody.”

And we know just the magazine  for his jailhouse tell-all.

Jim Nelson Led Jury That Found Rapper G. Dep Guilty