Joe the Plumber Runs For Ohio Congress, Tries Hand at Satire (Video)

Fails at both

Which one of these guys is the “cool” one again? (YouTube)

Here are two blasts from the pasts: Joe the Plumber (real name: Steve the Plumber Wurzelbacher), and those Justin Long/John Hodgman Mac vs. PC ads. And if you combine them together, add some plutonium, and take your DeLorean back to 2004, Joe t. Plumber’s campaign for a seat in Ohio’s 9th congressional district taking the form of those Mac ads would be very a timely piece humor…like something you’d see on a Frank Caliendo stand-up special.

Unfortunately, this is 2012, and it’s all so very, very real.

In this congressional campaign video, Joe the Plumber is the Mac/Conservative who goes up against an old, balding protester in a Hawaiian shirt, which we guess is how Republicans view liberals/PCs. Just an ole’ bunch of hippies. White, middle-aged hippies.

I’m not sure how well this will run in Ohio, but these two definitely have a career on the Borsht Belt if this whole Congress thing doesn’t work out.