Just What We Always Needed: A Social Networking Startup… For Dogs

"It's a Dog Meet Dog World!"


New York already has an Airbnb for dogs in Dog Vacay, and a dog subscription startup in Barkbox, so it was only natural that our canine cohorts would eventually nab their own social network. Enter Match Puppy, a New York-based startup that lets you find potential playmates for your puppy pal.

Their slogan is “It’s a Dog Meet Dog World,” which–ugh. But ohmygod the pictures of puppies! Like Lyon, a chihuahua who is “super excited and jumpy of most people,” or Benji, who is undeniably squee-inducing.

Match Puppy, launched by Michael Chiang, was originally meant to be a place for people to meet actual romantic matches for their pets so that they could breed them. But according to PIX 11, Mr. Chiang realized there was a more promising market in the doggy playdate space.

MatchPuppy lets you browse photos of potential puppy playmates, rate local dog parks and schedule public dog dates. It’s perfect for the type of New Yorker that treats their dog like a child. In fact, we’re surprised that a social network for toddler playdates doesn’t already exist.