Justin Bieber: Singer. Heartthrob. Disruptive Innovator?

In which Jack Dorsey is overshadowed by a teen sensation.

newjbpic Justin Bieber: Singer. Heartthrob. Disruptive Innovator?

Innovator. (Twitter.com)

Sure, maybe you’ve got some VC funding and a groundbreaking idea that’ll undermine the very foundations of some century-old industry. But are you really as world-altering as tweeting teen sensation Justin Bieber? DNAInfo reports that on Friday, the Internet’s own Elvis Presley was honored at the Tribeca Film Festival’s third annual Disruptive Innovation Awards (hosted by NYU Stern, no less). Sounds like someone has the Bieber Fever. 

The award didn’t come out of left field: Before the 41 million Facebook fans and 21 million Twitter followers, the Biebs got his start on YouTube. And he’s pretty self-aware about it too, admitting to the awards ceremony that, “I wouldn’t be here without the Internet.”

Of course, fans–who are apparently on engagement watch–seemed a little more concerned about the significance of a ring on his finger than anything innovation-related.

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey was also honored, though apparently ignored by screaming fangirls. But he did say some nice things to the Wall Street Journal about Instagram and also admitted Square’s having some trouble expanding beyond small businesses: “I think a lot of the bigger companies, and we saw this with Twitter as well, is initially when a new tech comes out, they question it,” he said.

Betabeat hopes Mr. Bieber took a moment to thank Mr. Dorsey, at the very least. Or, given that the recording star has been known to bring Twitter at least three percent of its traffic, maybe it’s the other way around.