Katy Perry’s Greatest Triumphs Include Hospitalization for Dehydration

In her new lyric video for “Wide Awake,” pop singer Katy Perry uses the Facebook timeline as a visual motif to convey the myriad successes she’s had since the release of her last album in 2010. (All that success stacked up upon itself is sort of a kiss-off to her ex-husband, Russell Brand, as their breakup is the subject of the song.) These include five number-one singles from a single album, a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year, and hospitalization for “food poisoning and severe dehydration.” (That accomplishment appears onscreen at 2:31.) “Dehydration,” with its frequent partner “exhaustion,” has long been a euphemism for less tame ways to get sick, and even in its literal form isn’t something we’d wish to remember. But who are we to tell Ms. Perry what’s worth remembering?