Marina Abamovic Wanted to Open Her Performance Art Institute in Bushwick, But Brooklyn Was Too Toxic

Marina Abramovic, the iconoclastic performance artist (aren’t they all?) was in Queens today to talk about her “legacy” in Hudson, New York, a project that it turns out was nearly built in Brooklyn. “It was impossible to find the right location,” she explained to a crowd of nearly a hundred arts journalists assembled inside the giant Kraftwerk dome in the PS1 courtyard.

Instead, she settled on the upstate town along the river with which it shares a name for the new Marina Abramovic Institute, the embodiment of her life’s work, but also more, she insisted. “Why I didn’t want to make a foundation?” she asked herself. “Because a foundation shows only your own art. For me, it was important to create a situation for other forms, as well.”

“Why my name?” she continued. “I feel like I could become a brand, like Coca Cola, or Levis for jeans. My names is now about performing art.”

But will crowds truly flock to Hudson, New York to engage in long-duration art, as Ms. Ambramovic characterizes the work to take place at her institute, where “who is the performer and who is the audience is impossible to tell,” Serge Le Borgne, the institute’s director, said. Read More