Martin Scorsese Relives the Old Days on the Bowery at the Moth Ball

“A funny thing happened on the way down here,” said Martin Scorsese at the Moth Ball last night. He was telling the crowd about his car ride over to the event, at the event space Capitale, as he drove through the Lower East Side, where he spent his childhood. “Look it’s the Old Bowery Savings Bank,” he said he told his wife Helen. “That’s where my father had to go. Jimmy the cop would take him on Friday to make sure nobody stole his money.” Mr. Scorsese then reminisced about a field trip led by nuns from his parochial school in 1951 where the kids were allowed to touch $1,000 bills. When Mr. Scorsese rolled up to the event, he looked at Capitale and said, “This is it!” Read More


  1. [...] veteran of the smize herself, but sometimes she takes it to the extreme, like at last night’s Moth Ball in New York. Granted, the real issue here was Tyra’s extreeeeeme gray eyeshadow that made her appearance [...]