Mitt Romney ‘Bombs’ the Bowery: Governor and His Dog Latest Street Art Craze

Romney on the Bowery. (Matt Chaban)

The poster, in situ. (Matt Chaban)

Making our way along the Bowery yesterday, The Observer happened by 190 Bowery, the former Germania Bank building and last bastion of graffiti and grit on the now tony thoroughfare.

There, next to the Swoons and spray can scrawls, we noticed perhaps the most unusual campaign poster yet seen for Mitt Romney.

There is his loyal friend, Seamus, strapped to the roof of the family’s station wagon, just as everyone remembers. A soothing campaign message is tagged on the back of the car, as well, showing there is the possibility for Governor Romney to appeal to an urban demographic.

Good to know that Barack Obama is not the only presidential candidate to have secured the vote of the wheat paste set.

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