Morning Links: Heidegger Edition

Heidegger. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

“It’s not only clothes, it is art,” said Daniel Radcliffe, of the Met’s new Schiaparelli/Prada show. [NYT]

Last night Dan Duray reported from the highest-earning contemporary art auction in history. [GalleristNY]

New director for the National Museum of American History. [NYT]

Merlin Carpenter, John Kelsey and Emily Sundblad discuss the former’s current show at Reena Spaulings Fine Art, Tate Café, London Marxists and Heidegger’s concept of a Holzweg. [RSFA]

A reminder that, like oranges or wine, there are many different types of Warhol Brillo Boxes, each with its own unique history. []

The head of Asia Society is moving on. [NYT]

Bob Nickas slams Marina Abramovic. [Artnet]

Lili Rosboch takes a stroll around the Upper East Side, visiting tony shows of Twombly, Stella and Gnoli. [Bloomberg]

The Associated Press offers a nice primer on the superrich that are building private museums in Asia. [AP]

Further afield: Pete Wells discusses The New York Times‘s first restaurant critic, Craig Claiborne, who, one source writes, “saw himself as a critic on a par with the paper’s critics of books, art, music and drama.” [NYT]

Morning Links: Heidegger Edition