Morning Links: Kids’ Spongebob Ennui Has Viacom Grown-Ups Panicked

Kids are finally sick of Spongebob Squarepants and—since it accounts for a staggering 40% of Nickelodeon’s airtime—Viacom is worried. “Every year you’ve got a new crop of six-year-olds,” points out analyst David Bank. “That ought to work in their favor.” [WSJ]

Hipstamatic is releasing a lens named after conflict photog Ben Lowy that alters photos minimally and is therefore more ethical for use in reporting. The things we have to worry about today! But then, the things we can have named for us. [Poynter]

Mitt Romney rallies conservative reporter troops in a private, off the record gathering, where Ann Romney said she’ll cover economic issues from a women’s perspective on the trail. Hillary Rosen, what hath you wrought?  [Huffington Post]

Daily News replaced Scott Cohen with Ted Young, former editor of the Daily Mail online. Remember, they have frighteningly high traffic. [Capital NY]

No way is the electorate sophisticated enough to appreciate composite characters, President Obama! [Washington Post]

CNN is under “intense pressure” to save its ratings this spring. [NY Times]

Political journalists who call Obama cool are the least qualified to make that distinction. [Gawker]

Eli Broad is interested in buying the Los Angeles Times, because newspapers are the billionaire accessory du jour. [LA Times]

Misleadingly edited Zimmerman tape cost another NBC staffer her job. [TV Newser]


Morning Links: Kids’ Spongebob Ennui Has Viacom Grown-Ups Panicked