Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Hopes for Romney; The Case of the Subway Groper; Tanorexic Mom Leads To NY Ban

Mayor Bloomberg on gay marriage: “My hope would be that Gov. Romney also evolves.”

Mike Bloomberg said that stop-and-frisk has stopped 5,600 murders in the last decade, and slammed critics of the policy. 

Mark Green endorsed Julie Menin for Manhattan BP. 

James Sanders is going all-in in his primary against incumbent Democrat Shirley Huntley. 

After the state’s highest court ruled that viewing child porn on the Internet under current state law “is not enough to constitute their procurement or possession, Brooklyn Senator Marty Golden and Brooklyn Assemblymember Joe Lentol quickly moved to make it a felony crime.

Nydia Velazquez rolled out some union endorsements. 

In the wake of the “Tanorexic” New Jersey mom, lawmakers are looking into banning minors from visiting tanning salons. 

The City Council held a hearing on raising the minimum wage. 

A verdict appears near in the Pedro Espada corruption trial.

City voters approve of the city’s new bike share program.

The green book is going online starting today.

In its ongoing series on sexual abuse in ultra-Orthodox communities, The Times takes a look at how Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes has mostly deferred to rabbinical authorities on the matter.

Two community leaders op-ed in favor of using Compstat to track stop-and-frisk.

Jim Dwyer takes a look at the case of Karl Vanderwoude, the alleged “subway groper” who was cleared after getting his name smeared in the press.

Churchgoers and brunch goers are clashing in Greenpoint Brooklyn, and officials are using an obscure city ordinance that prohibits outdoor cafe tables before noon to crack down on diners.

Barack Obama netted $15 million at a fundraiser at George Clooney’s house. 

How Obama came to a decision on same-sex marriage.

Mitt Romney will be in North Carolina today and Obama will be in Nevada. 

GOP leaders have mostly been silent on Obama’ gay marriage shift, preferring to talk about the economy.

Romney stressed his consistent support of gay adoption. 

The real reason Obama is in favor of gay marriage may be that it is unusual for the leader of a party to oppose something most of his party supports.