Morning Read: Stop-And-Frisk Pressure; Gay Marriage Banned In NC; Obama Absorbs Cuomo Glow

In his visit to Albany, Barack Obama tried to “absorb” some of the popularity of Andrew Cuomo, who has largely stayed off the national stage.

Cuomo’s turn behind the podium` complete with the presidential seal may provide a preview for what is in store.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle wonders when they will get a presidential visit.

Bill de Blasio will request an internal audit by the Police Department of its statistics on what occurs after each stop-and-frisk episode in order to ensure that all stops were warranted and based on reasonable suspicion on the part of the officer.

Charlie Rangel says he wants Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement, but doesn’t want the mayor to feel awkward. 

Mayor Mike Bloomberg said he didn’t even bother to read a report critical of his administration’s 911 systems upgrades.

Production of TV and film in New York City is at an all-time high. 

The city’s boom in TV and film production is financed largely by tax credits at the state. 

Flushing City Councilman Peter Koo’s effort to honor sex slaves used by Japanese soldiers during World War II is sparking outrage in Japan.

Rents are soaring in Manhattan.

Wayne Barrett says he is off the Cuomo beat, so long as his wife has a job in the administration.

A federal judge ruled that Rob Astorino violated a federal anti-discrimination measure when he vetoed a plan to build affordable housing in high-income areas in Westchester.

Russians in New York still lean Republican, but Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny, the only native of the Soviet Union to hold office in New York, thinks this will change as the younger generation grows more educated: “The more you know, the more liberal you become.”

Hundreds marched in the Bronx to save child care and after school care from the budget axe. 

Chuck Schumer is pushing for foreign diplomats who owe over $2 million in taxes to Westchester County to pay up.

The MTA says that the longest delays are on the 2 and 5 train.

The timeline for the LIRR to arrive in Grand Central Terminal was pushed back to 2019.

The Times wants the public library to modernize without losing sight of their core mission.

Twitter is resisting an attempt by prosecutors to gain access to the message history of a writer and activist who was arrested during Occupy Wall Street protests last fall, the AP reports.

Community groups are pushing the state to replace old generators at a Queens power plant with cleaner ones. 

A federal prison inmate got 41% of the vote against Barack Obama in the West Virginia primary last night.

Six-term GOP Indiana Senator Richard Lugar lost in a primary last night.

North Carolina voted to add a same sex marriage ban to their Constitution. 

The Obama campaign is trying an “all of the above” approach in the dealings with Mitt Romney, knocking him for his wealth, his policy positions and his character in an effort to see what sticks.

Democrats are increasingly pushing Obama to come out in favor of same-sex marriage.

GQ wonders why Martin O’Malley is a plausible 2016 presidential candidate.


Morning Read: Stop-And-Frisk Pressure; Gay Marriage Banned In NC; Obama Absorbs Cuomo Glow