Number of Job Listings That Include the Word ‘Ninja’ Are Up 2,505 Percent

Ninjas are most in-demand, followed by rock stars and then, gurus.

ninja kitten Number of Job Listings That Include the Word Ninja Are Up 2,505 Percent


Job listings have gotten increasingly hip since 2006, apparently. Six years ago in May, found only 18 job listings requesting a “ninja” of some sort. This month there are 469, according to Indeed, which aggregates job listings. That’s an increase of 2,505 percent.

“The term ninja is mainly used in postings for software developer jobs—sadly, none was for actual mercenaries trained in martial arts,” the Wall Street Journal noted.

Listings seeking “rockstars” or “rock stars” are up 810 percent, “mainly for tech, sales and marketing jobs,” the WSJ said, while listings seeking a “jedi” are up just 67 percent in the same period. Job listings seeking geniuses, however, have been steady.