On the Market: Tragic Rents for Small Theaters; Times Square Gets Express-ive; J. Crew Shills ‘Billyburg’

Mayor Bloomberg bought two homes last year, bringing total to 11. [NY Post, CapitalNY]
How they created Fulton Street Transit Center’s crazy occulus. [ArchPaper]
Rising rents are killing small theater companies. [Journal]
Successful head of 32BJ, building workers union, steps down. [Crain’s]
Is buying near construction actually a smart investment? (Won’t be there forever.) [NY1]
State wants to sell old prisons, surprisingly, no one wants them. [NY Times]
Express still coming to Times Square, but not the ESPN Zone site. [Journal]
Fire Island Pines pavilion will be reborn by hotshot young architects. [ArchPaper]
Boutique hotel coming to Shelter Island. [NY Post]
Of course J. Crew is selling a boys polo with “Billyburg Bridge” on it. [Curbed]
Jet skiers find dead body floating off Coney Island. [DNAinfo]
Sleep under the stars at hotel… in Times Square. So… sleep under the lights. [Journal]
Crotona Park East may no longer be the worst part of the Bronx anymore. [Crain’s]
Zombie bar crawl attacked Williamsburg Sunday. [DNAinfo]
More on the latest development boom in Long Island City. [Daily News]
People want to live in walkable communities. [NY Times]
Tiny Tribeca museum is hidden inside freight elevator. [Tribeca Citizen]
Electricity bills will not be so bad this summer, so blast the A/C. [Journal]
House gutted by fire is torn down illegally, even as investigation continues. [Daily News]