On the Other Hand, Here’s How The New York Times Does the Breastfeeding Story

New York Times op-ed contributor Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong joined TIME in favor of breastfeeding, as a stance against Big Pharma/Big Formula. Look at the restraint of the Times’ art directors! Don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday and thank her for breastfeeding you/not breastfeeding you/not writing about it. [NYTimes]

Gawker quoted an anonymous source saying Robin Roberts didn’t even want the Obama gay marriage interview because she thought it might shed light her own (undisclosed) homosexuality, which is exactly what Gawker did. When Matt Drudge linked to their story, they outed him too. Me next! Me next! [Gawker]

Veteran sportswriter Frank Deford tells The Atlantic that the problem with Keith Olbermann is he has no better half.

What’s your assessment of Keith Olbermann, whose tumultuous broadcasting career began in sports?

Keith needs a good woman. When he comes home, he needs a wife there who can say to him, Hey, take it easy. Calm down. I love you, darlin.’ Sit down, have a martini, let’s talk about this. You don’t have to get mad. Everything’s going to be fine. [The Atlantic]

Noted marathoner Oprah Winfrey used a long-distance running metaphor to explain Discovery’s bleak earnings call to staff.

“You’ve often heard us say we’re in a marathon not a sprint. Those of you who are runners know what it’s like to find your rhythm and feel traction. That’s where we are right now. We are well trained, but it’s early in the race. We are steadily building momentum. And that’s how we’re going to cross the finish line.” [NY Post]

“The last time I flew to Afghanistan I got manually raped by [a TSA agent],” says Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera. “This guy was getting off on it.” [Politico]

Gloria Allred will represent Stripper-Society Reporter Sarah Tressler in her gender discrimination case against The Houston Chronicle, which fired her after a rival paper revealed she was a part-time stripper. Here at The Observer, such revelations usually just yield a first-person essay assignment. [CNN]

Spinning globe! Spinning globe! Huffington Post’s Naked News page is real. And spectacular. [Huffington Post]

And they might want to pick up this: Jane Pratt tells staffers it’s all cool if their nipples show in her workplace. But do they have a safe space to breastfeed? [xoJane.com]

On the Other Hand, Here’s How The New York Times Does the Breastfeeding Story