Pair, the Buzzy App for Couples, Gets a Third Wheel: A Lawsuit

Turns out that in the age of overzealous copyright hoarders, four-letter names are probably already taken.

Can Pair thumbkiss its way out of a lawsuit?

Looks like thunderstorms could ruin the honeymoon for Pair, the “perfect sexting app” that struck us as less sexy than monogamy-inducing. The Y Combinator-backed social network for couples just raised $4.2 million last week from a slew of high-profile investors, but today TechCrunch reports that the company is getting sued for employing the very name that defines it; a Pittsburgh-based hosting company named “pair Networks” filed a suit against the app Pair for trademark infringement.

In a defensive move, Pair first filed a suit against pair Networks in an attempt to stop the forthcoming pair Networks suit from going forward. That move failed, and pair Networks officially filed their trademark suit in a federal court in Pennsylvania on April 27th.

As TechCrunch notes, the case:

pits a startup working at the forefront of mobile social networking, against the kind of Internet company that has been around for years and is not so much about disruption as it is about making the internet work like it’s supposed to.[And] this old-school Internet company has apparently taken others to court for the same reason — and won.

Looks like a problem that not even a thumbkiss can solve.

Pair, the Buzzy App for Couples, Gets a Third Wheel: A Lawsuit