Pebble Watch Surpasses $10M, Partners with Twine for Real-Time Updates Sent Straight to Your Wrist

With eight days left to go on the project, Pebble announces its second partnership.

picture 21 Pebble Watch Surpasses $10M, Partners with Twine for Real Time Updates Sent Straight to Your Wrist


Oh, the Pebble. We’re almost getting tired of writing about it. The little e-paper gadget hit the “most-funded Kickstarter project EVAH” mark about six million dollars ago. Today, it surpassed $10 million in pledges and sold out of all 85,000 of its offered watches.

Seems like a good time to announce its second software partnership, right?

That’s exactly what the team did. The Next Web reports that another well-funded Kickstarter project, Twine, announced today that it had partnered with Pebble to offer real-time alerts to the watch.

According to a blog post from the Twine team:

We’re pleased to announce that Twine will talk to the Pebble smartwatch. In Twine’s web app, you’ll be able to relay word of real-world events, like a basement flooding or a door opening, to the Pebble on your wrist. Welcome to the future!

Welcome to the future, indeed. In a short 15-second clip, Twine showcases the power that this partnership could wreak upon the world: a man is shown working on his computer, and when someone knocks at his door, the Pebble smartwatch alerts him. (Because doorbells are so pre-21st century.)

This is Pebble’s second partnership, and the project still has eight days left to go. Who wants to bet that they’ll be acquired before the campaign even ends?