People With ‘That 70s Look’ Needed for Increasingly Pathetic Steve Jobs Biopic

Isn't earning minimum wage in the general vicinity of Ashton Kutcher every budding actor's dream?

 People With That 70s Look Needed for Increasingly Pathetic Steve Jobs BiopicOh look, someone at Forbes found this vaguely sad Craigslist ad soliciting extras for a “movie on Steve Jobs” filming next week in Palo Alto. Cult of Mac and Gizmodo both conjecture that, probably based on the general paltriness of Craigslist extra trawling, the ad is for serial entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, though it doesn’t explicitly state that.

Mr. Kutcher and his jOBS team have some serious competition headed their way with the recent news that Aaron Sorkin has also signed on to do a Jobs film. They upped the ante by getting permission to film in the original Apple garage, but considering that their Twitter account still only has a follower count in the mid-600s (and is so terribly run that we originally thought it was a parody account), we’d venture to say that Mr. Kutcher’s project has a long way to go before it gains credibility.

Posting a Craigslist ad for “people with longish hair, sideburns etc.” and those “who have 1965 to 1973’s cars” is probably not the quickest route to Legitimateville. Hey, at least they’re offering to pay extras in free food along with that minimum wage?