Pompidou Eyes Expansion in Burgeoning BRIC Countries

Let 100 Pompidous bloom. (Courtesy brendangates/Flickr)

The next place you run into work from the collection of Paris’s Centre Pompidou may be at a shopping mall in Brazil, if the museum’s president, Alain Seban, gets his way. The Art Newspaper says that Mr. Seban has some interesting expansion plans for the French bastion of contemporary art, through which:

…museums, universities and even shopping malls could host exhibitions of items drawn from the Paris-based institution’s 72,000-strong collection of modern and contemporary art. Seban plans to establish a network of sites, each measuring around 2,000 sq. m to 3,000 sq. m, for periods of between three and five years.

The Pompidou, which currently runs a popular satellite location in Metz, France, is particularly focused on emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China—the so-called BRIC countries, which have also been a special focus for auction houses.

The paper notes that efforts to build a Pompidou in Shanghai fizzled and a plan for one in Dhahran, Saudi Arabai, has stalled, but given the “modest approach,” Mr. Seban is advocating, the museum’s luck with expansions may turn be about to turn around.

Pompidou Eyes Expansion in Burgeoning BRIC Countries