President Obama: ‘You Can Be Stylish and Powerful Too’

President Obama at Barnard.

In his commencement speech at all-women’s Barnard College today, President Barack Obama mentioned the importance of focusing on “studying” rather than “our pop culture obsession with beauty and fashion.” Afterward, he quickly added his wife, Michelle Obama might have something slightly different to say about coutoure.

“Now, Michelle will say you can care about it a little,” he said. “You can be stylish and powerful too, that’s Michelle’s advice.”

Much of the president’s speech at Barnard focused on women’s issues. He credited the women in his life with defining and supporting his career. He also emphasized the growing number of women and minorities taking roles in business and government.

“Whether it’s starting a business, running for office, or raising an amazing family, remember that making your mark on the world is hard,” he said. “Whenever you feel that creeping cynicism, … whenever somebody tells you to set your sights lower, the trajectory of this country should give you hope.”

President Obama: ‘You Can Be Stylish and Powerful Too’