Pulitzer Winners Remind Times Management: HuffPo Pays, Gets Pulitzers Now Too

The latest from the New York Times‘s protracted contract negotiations:

The Newspaper Guild sicced Pulitzer winners Dan Barry, Amy Harmon and Kevin Sack on Times management in a new video.”There are alternatives now,” warns Mr. Sack in the clip above. “The electronic media evolution has gotten to the point where there are competing organizations now that can pick off Times reporters and are able to pay them significantly higher salaries than the paper is putting forth at this point.”

Then the not-so-subtle caption notes that Times poachers Politico and The Huffington Post have Pulitzers now too.

In other Times news: Street style videos. [WWD]

The Atlantic unveiled the name of its new business news site and it’s Quartz. Quartz! Gosh that’s a hard word to say. [Qz.com]

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, number two News Corp. shareholder, would like to put this whole phonehacking mess behind us. [Guardian]

Here’s an article in which Alexis Madrigal rails against that straw dude who thinks slideshows are the epitome of discourse and innovation. [The Atlantic]

Beyonce won a New York Association of Black Journalists award for her Essence cover story, an investigative report on how Beyonce felt on vacation. [Washington Post]

Queen B writes: “I had no schedule while taking in the sites of Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and my favorite Aussie city, Sydney. They have the best restaurants and the harbor is awesome. It was a carefree existence for me.” [Essence]

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Naomi Schaefer Riley was disavowed by the Chronicle of Higher Ed for this lazy, mean-spirited blog post in which she made fun of Black Studies scholars’ dissertation titles, making the always-winning argument that the need for Black Studies disappeared with the election of Our Black President. [Chronicle]

Girls girl Maude Apatow, tweenage daughter of Judd (she “googled murder”), is now a correspondent for Zooey Deschanel‘s blog. [HelloGiggles]


Pulitzer Winners Remind Times Management: HuffPo Pays, Gets Pulitzers Now Too