Quintessential Upper East Sider Elizabeth Stribling May Have Moved To Brooklyn, But Still Grocery Shops in Manhattan

Brooklyn: Nice place, but the food is terrible, we hear...

It’s good to change with the times, move to new neighborhoods (boroughs even!), expand one’s client-base. But, you know, nothing too wild, like buying groceries in Brooklyn.

In a Real Deal profile, Brooklynite Elizabeth Stribling talks about how she and her brokerage firm have changed, expanding their focus beyond the most elite and elitist precincts of Manhattan, but reveals that she still does her grocery shopping on the Upper East Side.

The founder of the eponymous real estate brokerage famous for selling posh Upper East Side co-ops moved into One Brooklyn Bridge Park back in 2009 (when the building she was repping was struggling, a move seen by many as an attempt to put her money where her mouth was). Ms. Stribling promptly embraced most aspects of  borough life, checking out Brooklyn blogs to find the most interesting restaurants and activities in her new neighborhood.

“She has a way of finding all the hipster spots,” Ms. Stribling’s daughter Elizabeth Ann Kivlan told The Real Deal.

But despite the fact that the borough has a Fairway, a Trader Joe’s and numerous artisinal grocers nearby, Ms. Stribling admits to driving back to the Upper East Side to buy her bread and milk.

“I still shop on the Upper East Side,” Ms. Stribling confessed to The Real Deal. “I put my groceries in the trunk of the car, and then drive right back.”

Maybe Ms. Stribling will finally change her mind when Whole Foods comes to Gowanus?