Romney Spokeswoman Says Obama Has No Business Telling Congress ‘What It Should Do’

President Obama (Photo: Getty)

During his visit to Albany today, President Barack Obama outlined a “To Do List” of initiatives he’d like Congress to complete in order to turn around the economy. Mitt Romney’s campaign spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, released a “Note to President Obama” soon afterward saying the president needs to get his own house order before giving instructions to the Legislative branch.

“Before he tells Congress what it should do, President Obama should follow through on his own ‘to-do’ list that he outlined nearly four years ago in Denver,” Ms. Saul said referencing the president’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

As the campaigns have started to heat up, Mr. Romney’s team is focusing on convincing voters the economy hasn’t turned around enough during President Obama’s first term. Ms. Saul said the president’s focus on Congress won’t obscure the fact the economy is still struggling under his leadership.

“After more than three years of liberal policies that have driven up debt and wasteful spending, no amount of ‘to-do’ lists can hide the fact that the President’s policies have failed to make life better for the millions of Americans who are struggling in the Obama economy,” she said.