Rothman camp accidentally sends mailers to wrong district

Excuse me, can you point me in the direction of the 9th District?

In the midst of a heated congressional campaign primary between Democrats U.S. Rep Steve Rothman and U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, the Rothman camp appears to have made a bit of a mistake, sending glossy mailers to areas outside of the 9th District.

Sources say that mailers for Rothman were sent to towns including North Bergen and Westwood. Apparently, the Westwood-bound mailers had the wrong ZIP code on them, while North Bergen was redistricted out of the 9th earlier this year during the decennial redrawing of the congressional map. One cource with knowledge of the screw-up said some households received several copies of the same mailer.

When reached on Thursday, a Rothman spokesperson was originally unaware of the mishap. But Chris Eilert, the Campaign Manager and Senior Strategist, said it was a case of mailers being sent to the wrong addresses due to a mistake from the vendor.

“It was an error on the part of the list vendor due to redistricting that was immediately corrected,” Eilert said.

Sources in the Rothman camp said the mistake came at “a minimal cost”, and said it was less than 3,000 pieces of mail that were sent out, estimated at a cost of less than $1,000.  

Rothman and Pascrell have been engaged in a heated primary to represent the newly configured 9th District in the November general election.  The winner of the primary is virtually assured a November win in the heavily Democratic district.

Rothman camp accidentally sends mailers to wrong district